I am grateful for the opportunity to share my dream of compassion, hope and love for all of mankind. I'm inviting the world to join me on an endeavor of world peace, beginning with the most important person of all, our self. Treat yourself kindly, like we all treat children when we see them. Treat everyone with love and respect, forgive yourself if you falter, but do try again and again. Flood children with love, kindness, and knowledge.

We are here to love.

This is a book for adults and children alike. My wish is that it will find it is way onto as many coffee tables as in toy chests. My dream is that this book will act as a vehicle to help foster more high-quality interaction between adults and children. In turn, I hope that many parents will teach their children the love of reading by sharing Kokopelli & the Butterfly with them. The family reading experience is so valuable, where children grow skills in learning, creativity, imagination, and conversation in a perfectly nurturing environment. It is also a place where parents can "let go" of their daily concerns and get fully involved, carefree like a child, in a good story.

I purposely created this book the size that it is so that you can have your arm around your child(ren) when you read together. I also alternated the sides the illustrations appear on, so if there is more than one child involved, they may also share equally in the reading experience. I hope you'll agree that it's ideal for children of all ages, and with its illustrations, challenging vocabulary and poignant lessons, I encourage parents to use it as a teaching tool as well. Don't forget to add character voices, making it a fun and riveting experience for both parent and child.

My hope is that this books message of environmentalism, appreciation of nature's beauty, tolerance of diversity and peaceful conflict resolution will be heard clearly by all. It is time for the global community to come together as one and take care of our selves, each other, and the Earth. We as adults want the same things we did as children. We all want to love and be loved. Let's learn from our children as we teach them. As we encourage our children to find their own way, let's not forget to remain loving, curious, and "in the moment" like them. We are all connected and have much to gain in sharing with each other.

Please join me in supporting educational, environmental, humanitarian, and artistic causes. I will use a percentage of proceeds from sales of Kokopelli & the Butterfly to assist many charities forevermore.


Michael Sterns
Author, Kokopelli & the Butterfly

P.S. Feel free to e-mail me with questions, comments, or just to say hello!