"I just wanted to tell you how much my class and I enjoyed your storytelling show! The love of reading and writing books shined through you today. My students were talking about you and your books the whole day… please keep writing more books!"
-- A. Angulo, Caring Teacher

"I had a student this morning, who normally does not express much interest in reading, ask me for the second time when her ordered book will be in. She is very excited about getting one and that gets me excited to see her excited about READING!"
-- G. Geiger, Awesome Teacher

"Your book is a hit with our kids! We've read them over and over and over. I haven't seen a book that tackles love, adventure and diversity that well for kids. It's a pleasure to read them something they are really interested in."
-- J. and P. Upson, Cool parents

"Your books are an inspiration and such a pleasant change from his everyday books. Your books have been a wonderful influence on my son and I am looking forward to your next book!" –
-- L. Brockman, Super-smart Mom

"Kokopelli and the Island of Change is my daughter's favorite book. We read it every night at bedtime when she stays at my house. It has been a savior getting her to bed sometimes… it's the only thing I can use to calm her down. Great book!"
-- Kevin & Eliana, Father and Daughter

"Once we had our kids buckled in, our oldest son read Kokopelli & the Butterfly all the way through. As soon as he finished, he dove right into Kokopelli and the Island of Change! Once he finished, he helped his younger brother read them too! Even our baby kept trying to see what his big brothers were up to. Please keep writing these books!
-- The Ciroccos, Book Loving Family