"...Kokopelli loved to stroll through the green, misty forests and sunny, flower-speckled meadows. Standing on towering coastal cliffs, he loved to listen to the thundering surf as it crashed on the rocks below. He smiled as he breathed the fresh, clean air and listened to various calls of the animals. He stood in awe of the majestic mountains above him and then drank from the cold clear streams."

"Because he was a gentle soul, Kokopelli lived in harmony with all the humans and animals he met."

"Most important, however, Kokopelli taught them to love one another. He showed them how to settle disputes peacefully rather than arguing or fighting... He generated more kindness than any person the tribespeople had ever met."

"The butterfly's wings were like spun silk, shimmering with reds, blues, greens, violets, yellows, and every other color imaginable... The butterfly was very scared, and to Kokopelli it was obvious it was nearing death from trying to escape for so long... Kokopelli's eyes filled with tears as he helplessly looked at the frightened butterfly."

"...Kokopelli and the animals watched as the butterfly flew higher and higher toward the setting sun. Its wings shed a shimmering rainbow of scales as they instantly healed. The butterfly was even more lovely than before as its fresh colors reflected the orange light of the sunset. Kokopelli and his animal friends watched quietly for quite some time as it flew far away toward the distant horizon."

"The irises of her eyes glowed red, blue, green, violet, yellow and all the colors in between, shining with unmatched radiance in the morning sunlight.

Amazed Kokopelli asked, "You're the butterfly, aren't you?"

She smiled at this and nodded her head, her breathtaking eyes brilliant in the sun's warm glow."

"The rainbow color of my eyes was not like theirs. They feared me because I looked and behaved differently. So the medicine man cast a spell and transformed me into a butterfly."
Kokopelli knew for the first time, he was in love! Although he didn't even know her name, he felt she could be the woman he had been dreaming of for so long. He told her this, as a powerful feeling of love filled his pounding heart. She felt the same way and told him so..."