"They loved meeting and laughing with other people. The happy couple met others from all over the world and felt the color of a person's skin was of no more importance than the color of their eyes. "

"It wasn’t long before the newlyweds decided to explore once again, and they soon found the perfect place for a honeymoon. It was a fantastic island, as breathtakingly beautiful as could be. "

In the distance, a pirate ship was sailing toward the peaceful island. It was a very old boat and in terrible shape, with its tattered skull and crossbones flag whipping the air. The sails were torn in many places, and its masts and crows nest sagged under the strain of the wind. The ship’s ropes were old and frayed and in danger of snapping. Its wooden planks creaked and groaned as it sailed through the water, and the boat looked as if it might spring a leak at any moment!
Down below gleamed a mountain of the finest diamonds, emeralds, rubies, pearls and gold coins imaginable. The pile of treasure was so huge it would take twenty lifetimes to spend. The brothers didn’t know the hold of the ship also held a surprise.
The pirates slashed at him with their swords. Kokopelli gracefully jumped, twisted and spun, easily dodging the blades he heard slicing the air. With lightning-fast reflexes, Kokopelli easily avoided their weapons and eyed them with an annoyed smile.
Kokopelli smiled to himself as he noticed the pile of treasure shining in the last of the sun’s rays. None of the brothers noticed that the tide began to roll in, slowly washing some of the treasure into the ocean.
“You know something, brother? With the wonderful island, animals, people and sunsets we have, I don’t need treasure to look at any more. You can have my half of what’s left, if you like,” Dave said gently.

Geoffrey looked at the jewels and pieces of gold and thought for a moment. Without a word, he turned and walked to the camp and never looked back. Dave turned and followed close behind.
Kokopelli and Samsara presided over three weddings on the island of change, and never was there a more peaceful community on Earth. Worry and regret were far behind them now as they lived life to its fullest, caught up like playful children in each delightful moment.

By the way, Dave and Geoffrey did of course leave their swords far behind.