"They decided that while looking for Samsara’s tribe, they would be sure to enjoy the fantastic scenery that Mother Nature provided. They carefully planned their expedition, organizing and packing the essential supplies. They encouraged each other as they prepared to depart upon this trip of a lifetime. "

"Kokopelli and Samsara traveled great distances toward the sunset. Soon they reached a breathtaking “Grand Canyon”, in a land now called Arizona. The tribe here had traded goods with Samsara’s family just four seasons ago, not too far to the north. "

"As she approached, they began to run toward her. Soon they were in a pile hugging, kissing, smiling and laughing. Tears of happiness streamed down all their faces."
"Splashing through the water with huge smiles upon their faces, they ran toward Chief Sleeping Bear as fast as they could. It was obvious to all that Kokopelli, Samsara, and the Chief were great friends despite their past problems."
"Kokopelli could sense they were angry with him, and he correctly guessed it had to do with his rescuing the butterfly from their Chief so long ago. They thought it would be funny to push Kokopelli while one of them crouched on the ground behind him."
"Then the Medicine Woman said “Kokopelli, Samsara and Chief Sleeping Bear forgave each other long ago, becoming the best of friends. For the sake of the children, and their children, I ask you to look into each other’s eyes, offering and seeking forgiveness".
"The two tribes joined hands in a circle around the children, and promised each other they would remember this day forevermore. They agreed to always work their problems out peacefully, and to let go of their past troubles for good."
"Love has bloomed among them, and the two tribes have now become one growing, peaceful tribe. They all lived happily ever after... because of the children. "